Please scroll down to see current websites that we have made. 

Please scroll down to see current websites that we have made.

Please Remember DAB-Online is not responsible for any written content or imagery on any of these websites, if content appears out of date or incorrect, please do not count this against us as we publish what we are given.  DAB-Online is responsible for the running, designing and structure of these websites.

Full Circle Health

Full Circle Health is a Leicester business run by Helen Cockle, Helen uses her website to process payments for her clinets who book yoga classes, massages and retreat day, this has increased sales from her online presence. DAB also manages a Facebook page for Helen used to increase traffic to the website. Check out the website clicking the image.

Swim With Jo

Swim With Jo is run by Jo Whitman, a local swim instructor. She wanted a simple website where she could publish information about her classes and upload photos to the website.

Marisa And Lola Ltd

Marisa and Lola Ltd have an E-commerce store selling skin care products for young adults. The main purpose of the website is to tell the story of Lola and how the products were made.

This website is so adaptable and has many different themes, here at DAB-Online we understand websites and can adapt any website to add styling and make adjustments so it looks just how you want it to look. This design was chosen and modified by DAB-Online to suit the needs of the client.


Cost Cutter Barrow & The Paper Shop

Cost Cutter Barrow and The Paper Shop are part of the Hickman Retail chain in which DAB-Online supplies its technical needs including website and email services as well as IT support.

On the right is the main home page for Cost Cutter Barrow. This page is simple and is designed to give basic information about the store and its opening times.

The Paper Shop Website is below, this website is simple and provides useful information about the shop and what it sells. 

Conrad Lashly & Bill Rowson

Here we have two identical websites for two professors sharing their academic studies with students. The websites have a basic layout and allows for a private members area for students to access hidden documents. The website is designed like a portfolio showing areas of study and their publications.

You can also find Bill Rowsons Website Here