Don’t Understand?

To get your website on the Internet you need hosting and a domain…. BUT WHAT IS THAT??

I don’t get it – How to get your website up in 5 steps


You probably know how to build a house so think of building a website as the same.


Step one: It is always good to start with a plan of how your house is going to look and what it is going to go in it, this is the same with websites. It is always good to work out what you want first or you may end up spending more than was planned because you dived in (I do this all the time).


Step two: Before you even build your house you need an address so that your builders know where your land is so they know where to start their digging, this is the same as a domain, your domain is the name of your house like “16 Wildstone Lane”. People go to this address to see your house in the same way people type in your domain (somtimes called a URL) into the address box to see your website, without a domain people don’t know where to look for your website.



Step three: Once you have your plan and your domain you need to build the foundations for your house to sit on, without foundations your house would fall apart, this is the same with a website. The foundations of your website is the hosting. Hosting is what stores all your information and keeps your website up and running. Without hosting your website just wouldn’t appear on the internet. Unlike building foundations you have to pay for hosting on a month by month bases. Once you have your hosting and domain you can more on to Step four.


Step four: Well done, getting to this step is complicated. Now you have some concrete in a trench and 

you’ve given it a name you need to build a structure made out of brick, the structure is made up of rooms, imagine each room is a page, so you have your rooms (Home, About us, Products, Contact).


Step five: You are sitting in an empty room, you get bored and go somewhere else. This will happen if you don’t fill your pages, you need to add content, pictures, navigation, videos and colour. Fill your rooms with stuff, this stuff is the reason why you built the website in the first place. Visitors only see what is on your pages. If you have followed these steps correctly you will have a simple website.


Plan  –  How your website will look.
Address  –  Domain, so people know where to look. (

Foundations  –  Hosting, somewhere to sit your website.
Structure  –  Pages, navigate around your website.

Stuff  –  Content, what you put on your website.
Paint  –  Colour, Colour, Colour, without colour your website won’t look good.

Update  –  21st century, put new and relevant stuff on your website.

Back up  –  OBVIOUS!!!


I hope you now understand how to put a website on the Internet and how people can access it, this may still not be clear but it takes time to understand how it all works but that’s why DAB Online is here. To help you get your ideas online for you, I will do all these steps and give you the finished product and show you how to maintain and update your website. Please don’t hesitate to email me with any question or enquires.