About Us


Managing Director Dominic Boston

DAB Online is a business which provides help and the tools you need to build your first website at low cost. At the moment, we only make websites for people in the local area, (Barrow Upon Soar, Quorn, Mountsorrel, Loughborough, Leicester etc.) this is because as well as making someone a website, we like to teach them how to maintain it and keep it going. As well as being a business we just like to help people.

Meet Me

Dominic Boston is the founder of DAB-Online. The business grew out of the help given to friends and local charities for their online development needs. Having been challenged to invest £10 in a Young Entrepreneurs competition Dominic invested it in his business by registering his domain name and buying some hosting space. Since then he has grown to the business now servicing eight clients ranging from small businesses to profiles of academic staff.